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Counseling and Therapy


As licensed therapists, we have experience helping people navigate the often challenging terrain of therapy. As a process, it can be difficult but tremendously rewarding.  The benefits of therapy can lead to feeling healthier, greater life satisfaction, improved mood and more fulfilling relationships.

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Walk and Talk Therapy

In a true blend of counseling and physical wellness, our team is happy to offer you walk and talk therapy services near our office to help keep your body moving and your mind healthy.

Some of our walk and talk therapy sessions may also involve our lovable canine assistant Nomi.

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Health Coaching

Our Co-founder Rachel offers health coaching to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals. She will be able to provide assistance with increasing motivation for exercising, eating nutritiously and help you learn emotional and physical strategies to help you recover from setback, strain and/or injury.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Jor-El strongly believes in the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for physical and spiritual health. During mindfulness coaching sessions he will help you develop the skills necessary to slow down and live daily in a more balanced way. During your meetings you will learn the skills you need, practice them and be led through exercises designed to promote focus and stress-relief.

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Couples Therapy & Relationship Coaching

Work with either Rachel or Jor-El to practice and learn skills to better develop your intimate relationship(s). This service is best for those who seek to improve communication and increase intimacy. Our relationship coaching services are LGBTQ+, sex positive, poly and kink affirming. Sessions for multiple partners (2 or more) may also be extended.

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Career Coaching

Jor-El uses a range of strategies, skills and interventions to help you unearth your hidden potential and career purpose. Through a range of assessments and practical strategies Jor-El will be able to help you apply techniques to increase work satisfaction and daily productivity. Depending on your needs, he will be also be available to visit you in your work space to help you revamp your space and employ these skills.

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Business & Corporate Services


Co-founders Jor-El and Rachel love to work with and offer our services to companies, teams, and employees. Find out how we can help your organization improve its wellness.

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Nutritional Counseling


We work with registered dietitians to provide services to clients who seek to better manage their nutrition.

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