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A blog about all things wellness to help you find what works for you, brought to you by our co-founders. Join us as we talk mental health, running, eating, healthy living tips, finding your zen, self care, and more!


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The Well, well... podcast was created to give you an inside look into all things wellness by sharing our expertise, our own journeys, and chatting with some amazing guests. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll learn something new. Join us as we fulfill our goal of making the world a healthier place and helping you live your best life - whatever that looks like for you.

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50 ways to be more active

Are you looking for some concrete ways to be more active? Download our handout to get some simple ideas to get you moving more.

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smart goals

Do you have a hard time setting up goals and reaching them? If so, our SMART Goals handout will help you sort it out and get on track.

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Food JOurnal

Being more mindful about the food you’re eating isn’t easy to track on your own. Download our handout to keep yourself organized and on top of your nutrition.

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Body check in

Want to be more in tune with your body or just need a quick stress break? Download our quick mindfulness exercise Body Check In.