About Us


Live bold. Live strong. Live well.

Welcome to Viva Wellness. Conveniently located in downtown Brooklyn, our partners believe that healthy living requires a holistic and multi-faceted approach. We created Viva Wellness to bring you a simplified way of accessing the services you need to live a stronger, and more hopeful, lifestyle.

We aim to meet our clients in a non-judgmental and safe environment that’s only aim is to help you live a more fulfilling life and optimize your day-to-day experience.  We provide mental health counseling (therapy), coaching, and holistic health services to help you meet your goal and become the idealized version of yourself. By taking a team approach, we are better able to coordinate your services, ensuring that you have a well-coordinated plan to achieve your goals.

Viva Wellness' core values are:

  • Collaboration - we strive to create and maintain a collaborative relationship with our clients and providers at all times

  • Holistic health - we aim to treat and provide support for the whole individual including mental, emotional, and physical strength

  • Strength - we value strength and help our clients develop and build on skills to live physically, emotionally, and psychologically well

  • Opennness - we strive to create and open relationship with our clients, providers and the community at large to de-stigmatize emotional health issues and promote mind-body-spirit health


Rachel Gersten, Co-founder

Rachel Gersten is a New York City therapist and health/wellness coach with a passion for helping people lead their healthiest lives possible. She completed her undergraduate degree at the Arizona State University where she double majored in psychology and human development. She attended Teachers College Columbia University and earned two masters degrees (Ed.M., M.A.) in Psychological Counseling.

Prior to starting Viva Wellness, she worked with diverse client populations in a variety of mental health settings. Rachel believes that wellness looks different on everyone, and works closely with clients to help them achieve goals that are realistic for them. She works with people holistically, and feels strongly that a person's mental, physical, and social health are all intertwined. When she’s not working to make the world a healthier place, you can find her running in Central Park, cheering on her sports teams, or thinking about the next time she's going to eat. 


Jor-El Caraballo, Co-founder

Jor-El Caraballo is a southern bred, NYC made mental health professional who brings a comfortable approach to his work with clients.  He spent his undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where he studied psychology. Then, he traveled across the United States delivering sexual assault prevention education programs to colleges and military bases to help empower men to prevent sexual assault and be effective bystanders. 

He attended Teachers College Columbia University where he received masters degrees (MA, M Ed) in Psychological Counseling.  Since then he has worked in a variety of settings providing mental health services and therapy to his clients. As Co-Creator of Viva Wellness, Jor-El believes that true wellness is about taking care of the person as a whole.  When he’s not meeting with clients, you’ll probably find him on the hunt for his next spicy meal, strolling through the city and visiting the movies for stress relief.


Nomi, Therapy Dog

Nomi is a Maltese mix that works as a co-therapist and therapy animal with Viva Wellness. Nomi was adopted by Jor-El in late 2017 when her owner was no longer able to properly care for her. She often sits in on sessions with her dad/owner Jor-El helping those dealing with issues like depression and anxiety and general life stressors. Nomi is a registered therapy animal and along with owner (and dog dad) Jor-El, she volunteers her time bringing joy and puppy energy to those who might need it in the NYC area.

Nomi enjoys meeting new people and is available (along with Jor-El) to provide comfort during high-stress times to your employees or organization. Visits with Nomi are great to improve team morale and comfort during times of high workplace stress or busier times throughout the year. Therapy animals are great for times of employee transition, looming deadlines (such as end of sales quarters, fundraising campaigns, etc.) or during peak business periods. Jor-El and Nomi are happy to visit your business onsite and bring some extra relief for your employees. Contact Jor-El for more information on setting up a visit with Nomi!